Royal Cherry Kush BX – Royal Cherry Kush x (Royal Cherry Kush x Gmo Mac)


Royal Cherry Kush BX 

Genetics: (Royal Cherry Kush x (Royal Cherry Kush x Gmo Mac)

The Royal Cherry Kush is a Royal Kush clone x Cherry Chem male created by Perry Urban Farms. We selected a standout female from those seeds, then crossed that female to the most impressive male plant we had that year, the GMO Mac. The following year we grew out those seeds, selected a male from them and pollinated the original Royal Cherry Kush clone that we selected, with that pollen, creating the bx seeds. These have potential to throw color or stay green, and have the nice loud cherry gas nose we all love. Very hardy with a nice stretch and medium flower time of around 9-10 weeks or mid October outside.

 11+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

Freebie Pack For Every Two Packs Purchased!!

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*The yield of any crop including hemp can vary depending on many factors including growing conditions, farming practices, weather conditions, and grower experience.