Bulk Koffee F6 – (Koffee F5 x Koffee F5) 100+ seeds


Genetics: (Koffee F5 x Koffee F5)

The original Kayas Koffee strain is Alien kush x Alien Tech, created and brought to f3 indoors by PNW Rootz. Green Source Gardens took the f3 seeds and brought them to f5 outside, adapting it to the outdoor mountain environment. We took those f5 seeds and grew them in our own outdoor environment and took them to f6. They will finish early October and don’t need trellis or support. Extremely hardy plants that will produce with little to no effort from the grower. This is excellent breeding stock and excellent growing stock. Huge respect to PNWRootz and GSG for sharing and blessing us with these seeds.

 100+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

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*The yield of any crop including hemp can vary depending on many factors including growing conditions, farming practices, weather conditions, and grower experience.