Garlicot Bubblegum – Electric Bubblegum x Garlicot


Garlicot Bubblegum 

Genetics: Electric Bubblegum x Garlicot

Garlicot Bubblegum is one of the most underrated crosses we have put out. The electric bubblegum female we used was selected by us from seed made by PNW Rootz (AC/DC x Indiana bubblegum). It grows easily and produces huge delicious buds that test around 3:1 thc:cbd and finish around 8 weeks. We combined that female with our selected Garlicot male, making seeds that are extremely vigorous, produce huge plants with huge weight, and delicious large buds covered in frost with a loud sweet tropical bubblegum nose. Very easy to grow and easy to trim/process, this is a power horse strain that will pull its weight for the big producers. Earlier finish time of around 8-9 weeks. Or early October outside.

 11+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

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