Bulk Dozicot F3 – (Dozizoz x Purple Apricot) F3 100+ seeds


Genetics: (Dozizoz x Purple Apricot) F3

Dozicot has proven to be a stellar combination of genetics. A combination of Dozizoz (dosidos x zkittlez) x purple apricot (purple punch x legend orange apricot), the f1s we’re made by us and selected in lightdep to make F2s. Then the f2s were selected outdoors to make the f3s. This has produced seed stock that will crush outdoor or lightdep or indoor. Still a good selection of diversity in the f3s so you can really hunt and find what you’re after. Lots of colorX lots of frost, and dank sweet apricot zkittlez nose with a cookie gas back end. Earlier finishing time of around 8-9 weeks or mid October outside.

 100+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

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*The yield of any crop including hemp can vary depending on many factors including growing conditions, farming practices, weather conditions, and grower experience.