Black Cherry Lotus F2 – (Cherry Chem x Black Lotus Kush) F2


Black Cherry Lotus F2 

Genetics: (Cherry Chem x Black Lotus Kush) F2

The Black Cherry Lotus is a three way combination of three of our favorite breeders. Super Snow Lotus from Bodhi, black dog kush from Biovortex, and Cherry Chem from South Fork Seeds make up this cross, all of which were selected by us from seed. The offspring are extremely hardy and strong branched that don’t require trellis or support. The buds finish up very large, dense, frosty, and early with cherry gas terps oozing from them. Strong, hardy plants and early finish time make this an extremely easy plant to grow. Finished around 8-9 weeks inside or early October outside.

 11+ Regular Seeds Per Pack

Freebie Pack For Every Two Packs Purchased!!

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*The yield of any crop including hemp can vary depending on many factors including growing conditions, farming practices, weather conditions, and grower experience.